Sun World Ba Den Mountain is a destination that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country, especially tourists in the Southeast region. It has many scenic spots, beautiful nature and diverse and unique tourism products.

Come and experience a summer full of fun and excitement at Sun World Ba Den Mountain.

 Top things not to miss when coming to Sun World Ba Den Mountain in summer 2022:

1. Experience the modern cable car route and check-in at 03 stations with unique designs.

1.1. Sun World BaDen Mountain offers 2 cable car routes serving the convenience of visitors: 

Van Son cable car route: takes visitors from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ba Den mountain, the number 1 cable car shortens the travel time of visitors to the 986m high peak of Ba Den mountain, from 2 hours along the rugged mountain road to less than 2 hours. 8 minutes by cable car, satisfying the desire to set foot on the "roof of the South" of tourists of all ages. 


Hang Pagoda cable car route: from the foot of the mountain to Ba Den Pagoda, the travel time is only 5 minutes and is capable of meeting a large number of tourists who come to worship and pray for peace every holiday and New Year.


This summer, Sun World Ba Den Mountain offers you a discount of 50,000 VND/ for the Cable Car to the top for out-of-province visitors:

Two cable car routes operate continuously on every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday with the specific price list as follows:

Note: Children under 1m get free services and VIP ticket buyers get priority access and Combo 3 in 1 and Combo Van Son only apply on Saturday and Sunday.

1.2. The cable car station system has a unique design:


Ba Den Station (departure station) has been recognized by Guinness World Records as "the largest cable car station in the world". 

Chua Hang Station has the appearance of a pagoda, with roofs of different sizes and architecture inspired by Ba Den Pagoda and Hang Pagoda.

The most impressive is Van Son Station Inspired by the architecture of Cao Dai Holy See.

2. Enjoy the spiritual architectural complex at Sun World Ba Den Mountain.

In addition to the modern cable car system, Sun World Ba Den Mountain tourist area also has an extremely unique spiritual architectural complex.


Tay Bo Da Son Buddha statue: Extremely sophisticatedly carved based on the prototype of the Buddha statue of the Le Dynasty. The statue of the Lady Buddha with a full and kind face stands majestically on a bronze lotus pedestal honoring the Buddha's wisdom and compassion for sentient beings. 

Buddhist art gallery: Placed in a 4-storey podium at the foot of the statue of Buddha. 

Linh Son Tien Thach Tu Pagoda (Ba Pagoda): This is the oldest temple in Tay Ninh with a history of more than 300 years, attracting a large number of pilgrims every year.

In addition, visitors coming here can also explore many other beautiful spiritual works, pagodas and caves such as: Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni entering nirvana, Dai Hong Chung, Hang Pagoda, Trung Pagoda, Quan Am Pagoda, etc. Ong tiger cave, Ba Co cave, Thien Thai cave, Thanh Long cave, ...

3. See the sea of ​​clouds and check in on the top of Ba Den mountain:


Sun World Ba Den Mountain is an interesting destination to avoid the sweltering heat and from here you can see the vast and rich land of Tay Ninh.


4. Diverse culinary experiences at Sun World Ba Den Mountain:

On the journey to discover Sun World Ba Den Mountain, visitors can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery, unique check-in locations, but also enjoy attractive and classy dishes. 

You can stop to rest and enjoy buffet at Van Son restaurant, international cuisine buffet restaurant with many attractive traditional dishes of three regions and more than 70 special dishes from Asia to Europe. . 

With a cost of 250,000 VND for adults (over 1.4m tall) and 150,000 VND for children (from 1 - 1.4 m) or Van Son combo, visitors will have a diverse and beautiful culinary experience. prepared by top chefs.



 Ninh Phu Quarter, Ninh Son Ward, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province

 Hotline: 0276.353.6666 – 0327.222.227


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